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Waverley Garage Doors proudly supply and install OzRoll Aluminium roller shutters. They are 100% Australian produced roller shutters based in Adelaide.

In support of our beliefs, the OzRoll aluminium roller shutters give strength and reliability unlike many other brands of shutter. They are built and very well suited to the Melbourne Climate and as we serve the residents of the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we are happy to supply the best in Aluminium Roller Shutters to our Melbourne neighbours.

Modern roller shutters are different to the ones from 20 years ago – they have been perfected over the years to maximise your homes potential in our Australian Climate. All the shutters that we sell at Waverley Garage Doors & Roller Shutters carry a 5 year warranty on all parts and motors.

There are several reasons why you should consider an OzRoll Aluminium Roller Shutter.

OzRoll Aluminium Roller Shutters are injected with a HDF that increases the thermal properties of the shutters. By insulating your windows you increase the amount of heat retained in the home during the winter months and keep out the heat during the summer months. The benefit to you of these properties is that you will greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills across the year.

Ozroll Aluminium Roller shutters offer increased security to your property against burglary and unwanted guests. They are not only a good visual deterrent to intruders but statistics show that the majority of unauthorised entries via a window are through an unprotected one. Your roller shutter will prove to be a valuable barrier against entry.

Light Control
If you work shifts you will know only too well how difficult it can be to sleep during the daytime. If you have children who during the summer months are waking at 5.30 am along with the morning sun – this can be very frustrating – Well with Ozroll Aluminium Roller shutters, you can keep out all that unwanted light and keep your home sleeping perfectly. Another benefit of light control is that it will stop those household items that are in the line of sunlight from fading.

Noise Control
Do you live on a main road or near a train line – As a resident of the eastern parts of Melbourne you will know only too well how much busier our suburbs have become. With roller shutters the outside noise is greatly reduced so that you can enjoy your home in peace & quiet. The noise reduction is so noticeable that you will wonder why you didn’t install roller shutter earlier.

Protection from our ever changing weather is always great to have
with an Ozroll Aluminium roller shutter you can enjoy peace and quiet whilst the storm rages away outside because Ozroll Roller shutters do not rattle or move around during high winds.

Bush Fire Rating
Ozroll Aluminium roller shutters can now be manufactured to meet bush fire heat ratings. It is common knowledge that hot or burning embers can enter the home during a bushfire and is a major factor in the igniting of a home. Sentry Bushfire Roller Shutters have been credited with saving homes from burning to the ground. The Sentry Roller shutter has been extensively tested by CSIRO and has been granted a bushfire attack level (BAL) of 40. Ask us for more details.

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