Roller Shutter Sales and Repairs Croydon

Do you live in Croydon? Do you need someone to repair roller shutters in Croydon? If so you will be pleased to hear that Waverley Roller Shutters now cover your area for all your roller shutter service and repair requirements. We now also cover roller shutter sales and installations in Croydon.

Croydon is a family suburb within commuting distance of Melbourne. Croydon is an established area which means that a lot of the roller shutters are of an older style. It is important to maintain these types of shutters regularly due to their age.

Waverley Roller shutter specialise in all types of aluminium roller shutters, manual roller shutters and roller shutter motors. We can even fit motors to existing manual shutters if there is enough room in the headbox. So if you have a manual aluminium roller shutter, we can normally retro fit a roller shutter motor.

We stock lots of parts for all different and unusual roller shutters. These have been collected over the years and are often no longer available from our suppliers. Our available parts include roller shutter springs, winder handles and external roller shutter handles.

Residents of Croydon all want to ensure their personal belongings are safe and secure not just at night time but throughout the day. Whatever your use – imagine the inconvenience if for whatever reason it just simply stops working or breaks half way open. A broken roller shutter is a real nuisance.

The main things that break on a roller shutter fall into just a few categories – slats & motors. Like all things electrical – roller shutter motors only have a limited lifespan. Generally if you have had more than 10 years of life out of your roller shutter motor, then this is excellent.

Don’t wait too long to book a service – you know what they say Croydon – Prevention is better than cure. For all your roller shutter repairs in Croydon – Call 1300 642 575 today.


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